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October 25, 2010
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Spoiler alert, for those not done with season 2. C:

Summary: "Goodbye, Grell-san."
"Wha...Sebas-chan I can't..."

"I can't say goodbye yet."

                                                        ~Grell and Sebastian's Farewell~

Grell slammed the letter onto the small, oak table.

"!...!!...'t be..."

William raised an eyebrow seeing Grell reading a different letter next to Ciel's memoir card.

"What is it? So the demons left London. You shouldn't even bother with- !! ...Idiot. Can't you accept anything?"

Grell had vanished. He quickly ran across rooftops, not desperately but he had a concerned look on his face. One that you'd rarely see on the red-headed shinigami.

"Why...?" He asked himself, "Just when along a little..."  

He glanced at the letter, which read...

"Grell-san, you probably will figure out sooner or later, my master is now a demon.  I am forever devoted to him, and will now retreat to the Underworld.  He cannot remain as Ciel Phantomhive.  I request that you will not follow me.  Bocchan has regained his memories again, and may order me to kill you.

Don't be a nuisance, don't find me.  But, I thank you for your assistance throughout these past few months. Goodbye, Grell-san."  ~Michaelis Sebastian

Grell clenched his teeth. "Meanie, I'll always..."


Sebastian and Ciel stand in the rose garden, a small breeze made the roses sway.  Ciel's eyes move to the left, his new found senses adjusting to the new presence he sensed.


Sebastian grimaced, "does the damn shinigami want to die?" he thought.  The shinigami smiled and in his usual tone, spoke.

"Earl, I believe you owe me a kiss with Sebas-chan..."

Ciel gave a smirk back, his red eyes glowing. "Is that so? ...Alright.  I am a man of my word.  Take your kiss, but try not to die first.

Sebastian! Kill him!"

The loyal, eternal butler responds in an obedient tone, as expected.

"Yes, my lord."

Grell gave another smile, his eyes in a shroud as he held his chainsaw and activated it.

"Shall we dance?"


Under the moon, full like the day they first fought, Grell lies on his side, the chainsaw impaling his stomach.  The roses rustling fill the silence.  William's footsteps were slow but steady, he rolled Grell onto his back, to see that he was still smiling.

"Heh heh...I got my kiss, Will." he managed to say weakly.  Despite the usual stern look on William's face, he looked a bit amused.  He helped his comrade and glanced back at the gate to the Underworld, closed and silent.  Adjusting his glasses, he moved on.


Sebastian walks beside his master, and raised a hand to his own cheek.  "That shinigami..." he thought. "How insane..."

~Before, during the battle~

After circling one another and clashing, Grell tossed two pairs of scissors into Sebastian's tailcoat, pinning him for the split second.  The demon butler braced himself for what was going to be inevitable, but then he felt a small kiss on his cheek.  He glanced down at Grell, who had the strangest look he'd ever seen, a sad smile...


A world dyed in red, with the darkest black seeping through.  Sebastian looked at his hands, which were taken into Grell's, that were holding the chainsaw.

                                                      Grell had stabbed himself...

Sebastian lost all of his thoughts, he had a surprised look as Grell collapsed.  He was brought back to reality from his master's voice.

"Let's go."

Turning away, not able to look back at Grell, Sebastian swore the red-head had mouthed something to him as he fell. Was it, "Bye bye-desu!", or "aishiteru"? [I love you]  He smiled a bit, and picked up a red rose that lie in their path.

"Perhaps red isn't a bad color."
"What was that?" asked Ciel, a bit impatiently from his sudden outspoken butler.
"Nothing, my lord." Sebastian took one last glance at the full moon above.


Grell sat up in the Shinigami Hospital Ward, the bandages around him felt tight and the wound was sore.  He knew he was going to get an earful from William, but didn't care.  He laid onto his back again, turning his head towards the window at the moon.

"You fool, Sebas-chan, you can't say goodbye to me yet.  You owe me a real kiss next time I see you..." he smiled. "but no rush..."

                                          "Because I have all eternity to find you again."

Probably one of my best. Dedicated to :iconclaudiakat:, who has been one of my inspirations to write. X3

You rock buddeh! :la: Can't wait to buy doritos with you. XD :heart:


It is from a fan comic called Red Butler. It actually isn't normally colored, but a really nice artist went and cleaned and colored it. C:

Credit to her, she does not have a D/A.
Characters copyright to Yana Toboso.

Fanfiction written by me.

Credit to Artist for the lovely picture.
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That was beautiful! *sobs*
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You are a wonderful writer and I loved this. 
Will you continue it? 
I must see Grell take a kiss from Sebas-chan
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OMFG I love this but it makes me sooo sad. :iconcriesplz: Are you going to continue it?
ForTheLoveOfRed Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
I am not, unfortunately. xD
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ForTheLoveOfRed Featured By Owner May 4, 2011
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He totally said, "Bye bye desu" D: I love this. <3
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